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I have compiled all the 1800 Vin (chassis Number) information that I have.
The data comes from many sources and some information is not available.
It would have been nice to have all the information on the car, i.e. color code
information but some people are reluctant to provide it or the source didn’t record it.

I broke up the date into the following categories and clicking on them will show it in PDF format.

  1. Jensen Built Coupes

  2. Early S Coupes

  3. Late S Coupes

  4. E Coupes

  5. ES Sport Wagons

I have also produced a graph of the color information I have.
Only 23% of the information also had the color code number or any color information.

If you have any information on any of the cars listed here please refer to the
data form and either use Email or Snail mail to get it to me.

Bob Foltz
1022 Arrowhead Ct.
Lake Ariel, PA 18436