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The following parts and car dealers are only listed for your information. Their inclusion does not represent an endorsement of same. Volvo 1800 Register can not be held responsible any way. Listings are free but no sale listings will be included.

Greg Blake: Rebuilds 1800E,ES or 140 mirrors. call 714-287-9984 or email volvotreasurehunter@earthlink.net

Robert Foltz: Air Conditioning brackets for mounting new style compessors on B18 & B20 engines. Call 570-689-2886 or email rhfwle1800@verizon.net

Lii Montgomery : Used parts and some rebuilt stuff . Call 505-763-6134

Howie Silverman :  Parts from over 2 dozen 1800 cars of all years and models...plus some new parts as well..nice parts at fair prices...perhaps I have that elusive piece you are looking for and can't find...email or call howie207@yahoo.com or 516-798-3618 ...all parts available to be shipped immediately

Don Thibault : Supplies new and used parts. Call 508-888-9715, fax 508-833-9026 or  email DON@P1800.com

REVISED 14 Feb. 2015