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Irv Gordon's Volvo has to be a monument to the payoff of proper car care. It has been named the car with the highest mileage by The Guinness Book of Records. Irv bought the car new and has rolled up over two million miles!

After purchasing the car on Friday, he was back at the dealership on Monday with 1500 miles for it's first service. He drove the car back and forth to work, a 125 mile daily trip in the bumper-to-bumper commute on the notorious Long Island Expressway. And that includes treks through winter's salt and slush. Furthermore, Irv parks his Swedish sportster outside exposed to the sun and salt air.

Wait, it gets even better. Irv drives his Volvo cross-country to compete in Volvo Club shows. He has taken several First and  Second Places in National competition. So what's his secret? Irv follows the book for recommended service intervals, changing his oil every 3000 miles, and hosing salt off the undercarriage with high-pressure hot water.

The car passed 2 million miles on March 27th., 2002 and as of Feb. 2004 has 2.2 Million miles on it!