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We intend to fill the void in tech information by the change in focus of that other club.
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From Volvo's Book Store

Volvo Historic Library interactive CD-ROM series - The P1800.

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The interactive Volvo Historic Library is a serious attempt to create an interesting and highly useful technical and historic profile of one of its landmark models. In this case the Volvo P1800 and P1800ES.
Its user-friendly graphic interface makes navigation easy, affording access to a treasure trove of P1800 information.
It is designed to appeal to the serious restorer in search of hard information as well as the more casual enthusiast with an interest in cars and history.
A rich compilation of resource materials, this CD-ROM includes the P1800 service manual, the showroom literature from every year, buff book road tests, print advertisements, a photo gallery, data plate decoder, a profile of the million and two million mile Volvo P1800 and web links around the world. There are even clips from "The Saint" television series all introduced by a video retrospective with wonderful period visuals that recall a simpler time while profiling the life of the P1800.
The service manuals and showroom literature are easily navigated with each page available to print out.

Editors note: This is a bonanza of information on the 1800, it's worth the price!

Catalogs and Manuals Click Here


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some information may not be applicable today.
All are provided with the permission of the author.

Installing a AW70/71
in a 1800
Installing a B21
in an 1800
Installing a B23E
in an 1800

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Don Thibault

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